Zeres Ze 5 SERIES


The new Zeres Series extends your possibility of efficient injection moulding more than ever. Electric with integrated hydraulics, ultra flexible for a wide range of applications, powerful and energy saving.

Smaller Footprint

Enhanced for maximum factory space efficiency, the ZE Series boasts a compact footprint by about 10% smaller than before without compromising performance.

Symmetrical nozzle contact

The dual support structure’s symmetrical design ensures even force distribution and precise mold movement, preventing platen tilting for enhanced molding accuracy.

High performance

Equipped with dual CPUs, the Generation 5 boosts mold speeds by 20% and achieves a motorised ejection speed of 400mm/s, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Latest control technology

The new multi-touch 15 inch screen provides an intuitive, responsive experience with a user-friendly UI, enhancing interaction efficiency.

Smart features as standard

Our smart machines and services maximise system potential and optimise production efficiently, reduce costs and boost efficiency for your future-oriented, smart production.

Flexible integration

Zhafir offers a flexible integration for automated production, compatibility with all global interfaces and open connectivity into MES environmentals.



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