The Zhafir JENIUS Series (JE) is an innovative hybrid machine concept which combines the electric drive technology and the two-platen servo hydraulic system. Using an innovative modular concept, the fully electric solution and the servo drive system can be combined in a highly efficient way, while their respective benefits are being retained.

It is benefited from our profound application experience from customers and pay attention to the development tendency of medium and large injection moulding technologies. JE has been developed to address the specific quality requirements for industries such as white goods and automotive. With excellent stability, higher efficiency and faster investment return, JE is an ideal choice for the customers in the industry.


Drive Technology
Control System

Clamping Force
360 – 3,000t

Tie Bar Distance
2,270 x 1,820mm

Shot Volume
792 – 12,017cm³
Injection Speed

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Injection Unit

High Precision Injection Unit

In comparison to a hydraulic injection unit, the servo motor and ball-screw driven injection unit, has substantially improved precision of the injection speed, pressure and position repeatability. It thereby ensures the high precision and high stability of the Zhafir JE Series.

Jenius injection unit

Clamping Unit

Space Saving Clamp Unit

The compact design of the two-platen clamping structure has been integrated into the Zhafir JE Series, with optimized space layout and providing larger mold space, extended mold movement stroke and ejector stroke.
Jenius clamping

Clamping System

Precise Clamping System

Parallel lock nut operation ensures fast and accurate response.

Jenius precise clamping unit

High Rigidity

High Rigidity

Large moving platen ensures high platen rigidity during movement with increase mould weight loading. Reduced platen vertical movement for long core moulds.

Jenius high rigidity

Control Technology

Latest Software & Control

With optimized layout and cycle instruction in the SIGMATEK control system, the signal processing speed has improved, which can be seamlessly connected with the peripheral automation equipment. More user-friendly interface, makes it more convenient for the user.

Jenius Software Control


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