Zhafir Zeres Series



Zhafir Zeres Series


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General Info Technical 400 -3600 Technical 4500 -13800

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Drive Technology - Electric - Parallel Function - Yes - Control System - Sigmatek - Clamping Force - 400 - 13800 Kn - Clamping System - 5 point toggle - Max Tie Bar Distance - 1550 x 1450 mm - Shot Volume - 792 - 80,170 cm3 - Max Injection Speed - 500 mm/s


 Discover new ways but on a familiar territory by using the advantages of electric injection-molding technology in areas traditionally associated with hydraulic machines. The Zeres Series, identical in construction to the all-electric Venus II Series, offers an integrated hydraulic system. Main movements like mold and injection are all-electric. Side axis like nozzle movement, cores and ejector are hydraulic.

In this way, the Zeres gives the processor not only the wide electric range of applications but at the same time also more production efficiency because of energy savings in the double-digit percentage range. Currently, the Zeres Series is available in clamping forces from 400 to 13,800 kN.


Servo Electrical Drives

Servo Eletrcical Drives

Matching of the servo motor and servo drive enables further improvement of the acceleration rate and the utilization of renewable resources, realising energy saving.



High Acceleration and Speed

High Acceleration and Speed 

The new design of the injection unit is more compact: A reduction of single components brings more stability and dynamics in the injection movement. The high speed injection unit 210h, reaches  maximum injection speed up to 500 mm/s. The hydraulic carriage provides high pressure for mold contact with more speed. The nozzle touch pressure and moving speed can be adjusted on the control unit with a two-step-setting.


Servo-Electric Clamping Unit

Clamping Unit

Servo Electric Clamping Unit

The redesigned 5-point-toggle-system increases the platen intensity, reduces platen inertia and joint stress. The optimized mechanical structure provides more efficiency and quiet machine running. The design stands for optimized speed curve and reduced dry cycle times..

Dynamic and Efficiency

Dynamic and Efficiency

The twin ejector cylinder enhances the ejector balance and can keep the ejector back pressure during all cycles. The ejector rapid release coupling allows an ejector bolt connection.

Increased Flow and Pressure

Increased Flow and Pressure

Two integrated hydraulic core puller interfaces are fixed on the moving platen and provide more flow and an increased pressure compared to external power pack solutions. Pressure and flow are adjustable on the control.


Fast Setup Times

Fast Setup Times

The encoder on mold height adjustment decreases the setup time during mold changes.


Latest Software and Control

Latest Software and Control From Sigmatek

• 15-inch color touch LCD screen
• Three general-purpose USB interfaces
• Mold profile data memory (up to 200 sets)
• New performance for production monitoring
• User-friendly user interface
• Comprehensive software functions
• LED operation indicator
• Clear and simple button to re-layout
• Shortcut configuration for clear identification
• Multi-language available
• RFID card with password control for an easier factory management




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