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UK sales of Haitian injection moulding machines “smash” target with 320 percent increase


BP& R February 14, 2017


09.06.2015 Haitian International Germany  – massively extends


Production capacities in Ebermannsdorf set to more than double +++ Zhafir and also Haitian machines will be assembled in future +++ Germany accelerates expansion of Sales & Service +++ European business shows growth +++ New record for Export sales with an increase by 13.1%


Haitian International is making a clear commitment to its site in Germany and has decided to invest further to the tune of more than ten million in order to expand the plant in Ebermannsdorf. Uwe Baer, member of the Management at Haitian International Germany, says: “We are firmly convinced, which is also confirmed by our daily experience, that the consistency of our product strategy means that we have our finger firmly on the pulse. Through Technology to the Point, we are able to offer our customers resource-saving solutions for 80% of all applications“.

Since the beginning of 2015, Haitian Europe’s former team has been working in Ebermannsdorf. Under the leadership of Mr. Xiang Linfa, General Manager of the new German subsidiary, the team of Haitian International Germany GmbH is responsible for the complete operations in Europe. In addition to manufacturing, assembly and customization, departments for application technology, sales, and service are also located here. HTIG continues to be supported by Haitian International’s European sales network and agencies.


Exploring new avenues – Expansion of the sales and service network


The production area is being more than doubled at the Ebermannsdorf site with an additional production hall for “Haitian“ brand machines. “With the construction of the new production hall, Haitian International Germany will be able to offer Zhafir and Haitian machines for the European market, mainly out of Ebermannsdorf. Thus we ensure greater availability and can react to customer needs even more quickly. Business figures are showing strong growth and thus offer optimal conditions for expansion of the team both here in Ebermannsdorf and throughout Germany.“ adds Mr Xiang Linfa.


Rise in European export shares


The value of the European export has risen and confirms the growing interest of European molders in high-level quality standard injection molding machines at attractive prices. Particularly in countries such as Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, and even in France, increased market shares in the double digits were achieved. Worldwide, Haitian International reported a 13.1% increase in export turnover for 2014 and a new record figure of 2.331 billion RMB (around EUR 353 million). See also the detailed information in the 2014 Annual Report Press Release.






Expanded production area (in blue) stamped with “Made in Germany”



Opening Ceremony18th of May 2015 marks yet another milestone in Haitian International‘s and its premium brand Zhafir success story: Zhafir Plastics Machinery is opening the first section of its new Chinese plant in Chunxiao, a suburb of Ningbo. The Grand Opening was attended by more than 650 guests. There were systems partners, sales partners and numerous customers, including renowned processors from China and about 200 guests from overseas. At 10:28 the official ceremony was starting with welcome addresses of the entire top management. Finally Mr. Zhang Jingzhang, the Chairman of Haitian Group, gave the official “green light” for the new Zhafir factory and an impressive firework rounded up the ceremony.

 After a construction period of 15 months, the finished complex offers a production area of around 120,000 m². Here, about 400 employees and will in the future manufacture as many as 5,000 Zhafir electrical injection-molding machines per year. Mr. Qin Mingbo, Deputy General Manager and in charge of sales at Zhafir Plastics Machinery, comments: ”With this new setup we see a great future for electric machines.” Total area for the plant’s buildings is planned for approx. 300,000 m², with a maximum production capacity amounting to 10,000 machines annually.

The plant includes departments for R&D (about 50 engineers), a technology and application center, machine testing, metal processing, and sheet-metal processing, and for a paint shop and machine assembly. Mr. Fu Nanhong, General Manager of Zhafir Plastics Machinery and responsible for the R&D mentioned: ”The production will focus first on the successful Venus Series and the new Zeres Series. Other models will gradually be added to the portfolio.”

Lean production in accordance with international standards

 With the new Chunxiao plant, the management of Zhafir Plastics Machinery sees the realization of a highly cost-efficient manufacturing concept that makes it possible to reduce production times drastically while continuing to guarantee high-quality production. Thus, for example, a decentralized paint shop is installed upstream of production/final assembly in order to handle castings, sheet-metal parts, and machine beds on demand, i.e. not until they are needed. Several decentralized warehouses located directly adjacent to the individual sub-assembly modules will reduce internal transportation routes and supply times, enabling a more transparent management of inventory.

 “The key to this extreme increase in work efficiency is our modern sub-assembly production“, says Mr. Fang Jiangting, Deputy General Manager and responsible for the entire production. “The concentration on sub-assembly stations for injection units, clamping units, control cabinets or machine beds reflects our modular approach concept while incorporating our high standards of quality. Here, all sub-processes are thought out efficiently and controlled by qualified employees“. Reorganization of final assembly, tests, and shipping is also part of the process optimization. Final assemblies that include extensive quality controls on conveyor belts and assembly lines further reduce production times. For machine test runs, a separate department has been created in order to guarantee high quality at final inspection as well.

For the European market, Zhafir machines are assembled and customized in Ebermannsdorf, Germany. Further expansions of capacity in Germany are also planned. Furthermore, Zhafir Plastics Machinery’s German R&D team works on new innovative electrical machine concepts in close cooperation with their colleagues in Chunxiao.

Press Contact Europe: Sonja HaugLongo Communication


Growth continues: In 2014, Haitian again sets a new record in history. Successful continuation of the Leadership strategy: Communication, Innovation, Efficiency.  Sale of Mars surpass 120,000 machines. New record also for export sales with an increase by 13.1 %

Haitian International, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines, has announced its financial results for fiscal year 2014. Even though 2014 again was a challenging year for the engineering industry, Haitian International was able to strengthen its Leadership. Due to the strong performance of the Generation 2 machines, coupled with increasing market share in the international market Haitian International continued to maintain a mild growth momentum and again set new records.Overall the Haitian Group delivered around 27,000 machines in 2014. The turnover for 2014 was 7.56 billion RMB (approx. EUR 1.12 billion), which means a 5.0% increase compared to the previous year and the net profit after taxes increased by 8.2% to 1.305 billion RMB. Export sales grew by 13.1% and reached a new record of 2.331 billion RMB (approx. EUR 353 million). The key drivers of growth were attributable to gaining market share in high-level plastics machinery markets such as US, Korea and Thailand, where double-digit growths were recorded.Another year, in which Haitian International continued to make remarkable achievements not only in operational efficiency and profitability. “Our committed efforts in enhancing communication and interaction with customers, product innovation that well addressed the market needs and enhanced operational and manufacturing efficiency enabled us to maintain our leadership in the plastics injection molding machinery industry,” commented Mr. Zhang Jianming, Executive Director and CEO of Haitian International.

The Haitian brand’s best seller, again was the Mars Series with its energy-efficient drive technology. Like last year nearly 23,000 machines with “Mars Technology” were sold, which represents a global cumulative sales surpass of 120,000 units.

Meanwhile also other Generation 2 machines are more and more contributing to Haitan International’s success. The Jupiter II Series with two-platen technology posted again enormous growth rates – an increase of 33.5% compared to 2013 – and therefore maintained a mild growth in the medium-to-large tonnage segment.

In the small tonnage sector, growth was primarily driven by the company relentless efforts in developing full-electric machines, especially through Zhafirs’ top-selling Venus II Series. With an increase of 6.8% compared to 2013, again more than 1,000 Venus machines were sold, representing an 22% increase in turnover.

As Mr. Zhang concluded: “The outstanding price-to-performance ratio and ongoing improvement of self-developed core technologies in line with quality after sales service and efficient production scale of Haitian International, are the basis for further steady performance in 2015. Even in the face of slowing down of Chinese economy to a “new normal” era.”

Press Contact Europe: Sonja HaugLongo Communication


In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, Haitian UK sales and service partner – Premier Moulding Machinery (PMM) are offering 10 machines based on their 2005 list price.

Richard Hird – Sales Director explains “Together with Haitian, we are celebrating our 10 year partnership by offering ten Haitian Mars 2 eco series, from 60 – 250t, for a limited period. For example the offer price for a 60 tonne Mars 2 “Eco” series will start from £21,674.00, including 2 yrs warranty”

Now in its second generation, the patented Mars servo hydraulic series has over 100,000 machines running globally, providing our customers the advantage of exceptional energy consumption levels, as low as 0.4 kwh / Kg.

One such customer is The Hill Brush Co, who reduced their energy bill by more than 50% overnight.

Kevin Bittles Technical Manger commented “The transition from the old machines to the very efficient Haitian Mars machines has been both smooth and with instant results. Our workshop is now a quieter, cleaner and more efficient place to work. I have recommended the benefits of the Haitian machines to several of our suppliers, and would have no hesitation in purchasing more machines in the future.”

Richard Hird concluded “With Haitian’s philosophy of providing “Technology to the point,” We are ideally positioned to offer our customers the right tool for the job. From the versatile entry level Mars 2 eco series to the very precise and repeatable Zhafir Venus all electric series”


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