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The Haitian Mars II Series (toggle clamp) or Jupiter (two-platen) injection moluding machines have a servo hydraulic system as standard.    This only uses about 30 percent of the power required by a conventional hydraulic machine with a fixed volume pump – or even a variable volume pump.

Factoring the 70 percent energy savings into the return on investment may mean a quicker sign-off on equipment needed for a new project or a cash flow neutral investment, with the repayments being offset by the saving in power cost.

The example below is a real time energy analysis showing exactly what savings can be achieved.

Real time Energy Analysis


Machine – Competitor Hydraulic 100t machine (fixed Pump)


£/unit – £0.13

Average KW/h – 22.6

Hours per year – 2587

Energy consumption/year – 58,478

Cycle time – 24 seconds

Cooling Time – 12 seconds

Production – 50 hrs / week

Mars II 90t Servo Hydraulic Machine


£/unit – £0.13

Average KW / h – 4.30

Hours per year -2587

Energy consumption/year – 11,126

Cycle time – 24 seconds

Cooling Time – 12 seconds

Production – 50 hrs / week

Energy saving /year KW  – 47,352

Saving  / year – £6,155 


Energy saving per month £512.92

Monthly Finance* £460 per month



A brand new 90 ton moulding machine, with 3 year parts and labour cover, including service and warranty and still money in the bank.

Call us on 01296 655555 to find out how you can upgrade your old machines, remove your maintenance costs and still make money.



*Typical Finance example for Mars 90t machine £460.00 per month over five years.



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