3 Machines Installed at Truck-Lite

3 Machines Installed at Truck-Lite


This week we have installed for our new customer Truck-Lite, 3 moulding machines. A Mars 90 tonne, a Mars 250 tonne (both servo hydraulic machines) and a Zhafir Zeres 120 tonne electric machine.

 Under the brand names Truck-Lite, Rubbolite, Signal-Stat and RIGID, Truck-Lite Europe have become a forerunner in LED and incandescent lighting technology, mirror manufacturing and trailer assemblies. They endeavor to become the ‘Vision Systems’ expert through global manufacturing, supporting customers worldwide regardless of location.

 The Haitian Mars machine range is the worlds best selling moulding machine having sold over 250,000 units globally.  

Our thanks to Truck-Lite, Flegg Projects and our engineering team for their support with this installation.


1000t Haitain Mars Machine installed

1000t Haitain Mars Machine installed


This 1,000 tonne, Mars servo hydraulic machine was delivered and commissioned this week for Hillbrush one of our longstanding customers.

This is the second of two 1,000t machines installed at their impressive factory in Wiltshire.

The Mars machine range is the worlds best selling moulding machine having sold over 250,000 units globally.

Haitian UK / Premier Moulding Machinery would also like to thank Flegg Projects who did another fantastic job in transporting the machines.

Haitian emerge strong amid global economic downturn

Haitian emerge strong amid global economic downturn

When looking for a manufacturer to partner with, it is important to evaluate the strategy and vision that is being presented. What is the company’s foundation for growth, success, their long-term goals and how lean is the manufacturing process? All these factors underpin the machine quality and service levels you will experience.

The aim of providing customers with the best possible, machine Price/Performance Ratio, is at the heart of the Haitian plan. Low investment and service costs coupled with high energy savings, large stock machine availability with trusted local distributors, are key to reaching this goal.

What is the state of the business amid a global economic crisis?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, has led to business closures and suspensions in many countries around the world, dealing a severe blow to the global economy. Yet despite this global economic downturn, the Haitian Group has sold nearly 19,000 machines worldwide in the first half of 2020.

Haitian’s bestselling MARS Series IMM achieved a new record, in terms of sales volume, with over 16,000 machines sold between January and June. This represents an increase of 17.6% as compared to the same period 2019 and is being partly attributed to COVID-19 and an increase in demand for medical, packaging and consumer goods.

How do Haitian achieve the best possible Price/Performance Ratio?

By manufacturing over 32,000 machines a year, Haitian reach a scale of economy, that is unparalleled in the industry. Indeed, the next top 10 Chinese manufacturers combined, still don’t match the scale of the Haitian organisation.

Why is the machine made in China but constructed with well-known European brands?

The Haitian location, in a tax-free zone in Ningbo, enables us to source the European parts normally associated with more traditional manufacturers. Thus, enabling a high-quality machine to be built, in a high tech, low-cost, environment. This continued success has delivered market share growth year on year, which in turn increases the ability to be the most competitive manufacturer in market.

The scale of the manufacturing is hard to comprehend when compared with European companies.  With around 615 machines a week starting in the build programme, Haitian can keep their manufacturing costs low and machine availability high. As all machines are built with a high level of base specification, it allows for up to 200 stock machines to be available on a weekly basis, both directly from Ningbo or the European HQ in Germany.

Is China the main point of contact for the UK Team?

No.  Haitian understand that minimising downtime for their customers is of key importance and so we have a global network of local distributors, with dedicated engineering teams to service their own markets.

The Haitian subsidiary in Ebermannsdorf, Germany is the main point of contact for all the European distributors. This enables a time zone appropriate response as well as specialist engineering and software teams. Spare parts are also held on site as well as in the UK.

As the UK distributor for Haitian, PMM have a long standing and successful reputation. Our market share has accelerated in recent years, as the investment in our business has grown.  Our customer’s satisfaction results in repeat orders and their recommendations enable more sales. All backed by our 3-year parts and labour warranty.

Looking ahead, what can we expect from Haitian in the future?

Regarding the development of the Haitian Group, Mr. Zhang Bin, Executive Director of Haitian International remains positive about the future, commenting: “We will continue the digital transformation of the company at full speed. From the implementation of digital tools for intelligent manufacturing to digitally supported sales & service. Intelligent information systems for management and administration are also included.  Another important strategy parallel to digitalization is the continuous expansion of our global presence. Under our proven strategy of ‘Technology to the Point’, we will continue to meet changing and diversified market demand. We will continue to develop and grow together with our customers, employees and business partners”.


Haitian in the UK has also begun to digitally transform the way it supports its customers by offering digital online machine familiarisation training, to address current social distancing restrictions.

Please contact sales@haitian.co.uk for more information.

Haitian injection moulding machines in the battle against COVID-19

Haitian injection moulding machines in the battle against COVID-19

Brightwell Dispensers in Newhaven took delivery of a range of Haitian MARS injection moulding machines this week. These will be incorporated into a new purpose-built production facility, to combat COVID-19 and help meet the increasing demand for anti-bacterial soap dispensing products. The package includes a total of 8 x MARS injection moulding machines, known for their energy efficiency and outstanding price/performance ratio.

Alan McElwaine, Group Technical Manufacturing Manager commented; “Haitian UK (PMM) were able to offer a short delivery time, a nationwide support and engineer service, plus a 3-year parts and labour warranty, giving real peace of mind on our investment.”

Haitian UK / Premier Moulding Machinery would also like to thank Flegg Projects who did another fantastic job in transporting the machines.