Haitian Jupiter II Series

JU II 4500

JU II 4500

JU II 10800

JU II 10800

JU II 6500

JU II 6500

Haitian Jupiter II Series


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The energy-saving approach created by two-platen technology has been a considerable successes ever since its introduction to the market in 2013 and continues to gain ground. For 2017, the Jupiter range sold nearly 800 units, which is an increase of nearly 35% in terms of sales.

The innovative Haitian Jupiter II Series with clamping force from 4,500 to 66,000 kN and its large mold open strokes gives the processor access to an unusually broad process spectrum for a large variety of applications e.g., in the automotive sector, the packaging industry and production of household goods.


Quick Check
Drive Technology - Servo Hydraulic - Control system - Keba - Clamp Force - 4,500kn - 66,000kn - Clamp System - 2 Platen - Max Tie Bar Distance - 3,200 x 2,600 mm - Shot Volume - 792 - 80,170 cm3 -


The technologically matured Jupiter II Series impresses with rapid, smooth mold movements and its highly economical energy consumption. The latest upgrade to the Jupiter – called “Plus” – has brought significant additional improvements.

High Precision
Parallel Lock Nut Operation

lock nut

Ensures fast and accurate response.

High Rigidity
Large Moving Platen

moving platen

Ensures high platen rigidity during movement with increased mold weight loading. There is reduced platen vertical movement for long core molds.

More Flexibility
Reverse Mounted Ejection Plate


With the flexibility for optional longer strokes.

Parallel Movement
Four Short Stroke Mold Break Cylinders


For accurate mold height control with closed loop position feedback, this ensures the mold is clamped with parallel movement.

Low Friction
High Precision Guiding Mechanism(Except The Injection Unit Of 8400KN)

low friction

For perfect screw guidance.

Independent Movements
Highly Rigid Injection Unit Guidance(Except The Injection  Unit Of 8400KN)

independant movements

Which is separated from the screw guidance for complete independence of injection movement.

Quick Change
Easy Screw/Barrel Removal (Except The Injection Unit Of 8400KN)

quick change

For a quick changeover.

Innovative Drive System
Patented Servomotor To Gear Pump Design

800_energy_saving_2 (1)

The direct drive connection between the servo-motor and the gear pump provides excellent drive torque, giving maximum acceleration and deceleration speeds for all machine functions.

The Jupiter II Series is also equipped with the innovative “Mars Technology”.

The patented servo motor/gear pump drive system was designed as a complete system and is not the combination of standard market components as used by our competitors.

This translates into a significant advantage for repeatable high precision and low energy consumption for different molding applications and for the processing of a wide range of materials

High Response
New 75 KW And 110 KW

high response

Servo drive units for higher response and a simplified hydraulic system.

Software & Control
Latest Technology From Keba


The Jupiter Series is equipped in standard with a
KEBA 2580 controller.

It has a 12” high resolution LCD touch screen with extended machine functions and flexibility to meet complex machine operations. The control unit has been specially designed by Haitian to provide the operator with easy to use functions with a convenient panel layout.




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