Haitian By Sepro

Haitian have been the worlds largest manufacturer of IMM since 1994. With a range of servo hydraulic and electric machines providing an unbeatable price performance ratio.

As the UK distributor for Haitian, PMM are pleased to announce a brand-new collaboration with Sepro robotique. The Sepro Group design and integrate 3-axis, 5-axis and 6 axis robots with a unique native control platform.


With an integrated “Haitian by Sepro” package, robot control is integrated into the machine control so that the machine operator has access to all basic settings and robot data directly on the IMM control panel in Open Integration.

The opportunity to now  purchase the whole package from PMM represents a positive step in the expansion of Haitians and Sepro’s activities in the United Kingdom

The PMM and Sepro team are very excited by our common business perspectives.


For more information on the Sepro range click below..

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Carl Reeve, Managing Director PMM, and Jean-Michel Renaudeau, Managing Director Sepro Group

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